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Save The Trafalgar Square Pigeons

A website dedidiated to protecting the pigeons in Trafalgar Square and campaigning against the cruel practice of using a hawk and handler as a means of deterrant.

Care for the Wild

Care for the Wild is an animal welfare and conservation charity that funds practical projects around the world.

League Against Cruel Sports

The League Against Cruel Sports campaigns to rid the world of cruelty to animals in the name of entertainment.


Uncaged are a national anti-vivisection organisation.


Go to Wubs for all things Dubs.

For VW Enthusiasts everywhere why not visit Wubs Dubs -  We have a great range of VW Gifts, VW Books & Manuals, VW Clothing, VW Accessories, VW Jewellery, VW Homeware and VW Kitchenware on offer.

Eric Fleming Tribute (Rawhide)

A tribute to Eric Fleming, the true star of Rawhide.

Xiao Bob's Photostream

A collection of stunning images from talented young photographer Bobby Coates.

Dangerous Wild Animals Rescue Facility

A rescue facility for  exotic animals and other british wildlife

Caring For Cats

A small registered charity with a non-destruction which rescues and rehomes abandoned and unwanted cats, including feral cats. Good homes always needed for older cats.

F.R.I.E.N.D.  Farm Animal Rescue

A permanent home for abused, unwanted and orphaned farm animals.

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