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The Story of The Woodsprites

The discovery of an injured woodsprite led to a significant change in direction for company founders CC and her husband Jeremy.

Following storms in the autumn of 2006, CC & Jeremy were clearing some fallen trees at Raggetty Wood in Rowhook, a mystical place that they are lucky enough to have guardianship over, when they heard some pitiful cries and came across the little broken body of an injured woodsprite. Once thought only to be part of myth and legend, woodsprites are in fact intensely secretive and elusive (albeit mischievous) elfin-like creatures that choose to shun all human contact in order to ensure the future survival of their kind. However, in this case, the elders knew that the only hope of survival for this little woodsprite would be to get help from mankind and so they left him where CC & Jeremy would find him. He was immediately wrapped in a warm blanket and taken home, where his broken bones were repaired with splints made from lolly sticks and his body fortified on a diet of acorn soup and winter berries. After about a month of loving care he was well enough to go back to his colony, and in thanks for his safe return the Woodsprites wished to show their gratitude in some way.

At this same time, Jeremy had been made redundant and was looking for a business opportunity. The Woodsprites, being very intuitive creatures, suggested that CC and Jeremy use their artistic talents to set up a company producing personalised greetings cards and wrapping paper. The Woodsprites (along with their good friends the Treacle Miners with whom they share their Raggetty Wood habitat), being creative themselves, would help by providing ideas for some of the designs. Hence The Woodsprites Trading Company was born. The Woodsprites now regularly leave design ideas secreted in hollow trees around Raggetty Wood, which are then incorporated into new card and wrapping paper designs.

To ensure the continued future survival of woodsprite colonies across the land, The Woodsprites Trading Company intend using some of the company profits to set up a sanctuary at Raggetty Wood where any distressed, injured or homeless woodsprites can be cared for and given a safe haven in which to live and play free from harm and disturbance.

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